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Dog Grooming


Regular grooming is important and beneficial for your four-legged family member, not only for them to look nice and smart but also for their overall health.


Our groomers are experienced and trained in all aspects of high end breed clipping and styling. We are respectful towards the dogs at all times and we pay attention to detail throughout the whole grooming process, from brushing to bathing to the styling of your fur kid.


Grooming sessions in Adelaide are by appointment only.  Our client is only required to be with us for the duration of their groom.  As an approximation only - we require a minimum of 1.5 hours for small dogs and a minimum of 3 hours for large dogs.  


Please note these times can extend due to the individual characters of our clients and the condition of their coat.  Like all appointment based services keeping our schedule is heavily reliant on the co-operation and condition of our client so we ask for your patience and understanding with return timeframes as we do our very best to give you back an outstanding job every time within reasonable timeframes.


Please also remember not only do we have entire bodies to make beautiful but we don't get to gossip away to our clients about the latest celebrity happenings, the weather or latest fashion accessories to distract them!  


A clean dog is a happy and healthy dog!



We use natural shampoos that are good for your dog's skin and hair. We also use   medicated *flea treatments when needed and will use *shampoos for sensitive skin. Please request if your dog needs requires anything specific.

Clean and Hygienic

Our salon is kept clean and sterilized throughout. We make sure that our tools and equipment are kept clean for each dogs use.  We flea bomb the premises weekly to avoid cross contamination and we use hospital grade disinfectant in our bathing area on all surfaces to protect our clients.


Record Keeping

We will keep a record of anything we notice during the time your   dog is with us and will give you the feedback of your dog when you come to   collect them.


*Relaxing Atmosphere

We fill the salon with a mild soothing aroma as this helps calm your dog, helping them stay relaxed throughout the whole grooming process.





*Relaxing Atmosphere

You can rest assured your fur kid is in safe hands when in our care.  A large number of salons have taken to the concept of letting dogs roam free during their visit in an attempt to portray happiness and relaxed atmospheres.  Any professional dog trainer will adamantly tell you that this is a disaster waiting to happen.  


Even the kindest, calmest dog has a natural instinct to protect itself if feeling under threat or in a situation they are unfamiliar with.  Having dogs roam freely without proper supervision and constant attention is professionally irresponsible.


At Oscar's on Unley we protectively harness your fur kid in separate bays to ensure comfort and security and most importantly personal space that prevents any potential upset.


Your fur kids safety is our number one priority at all times.







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