Adelaide's Leading Dog Grooming Salon would like to thank our wonderful clients for taking time out to share their appreciation.


12 years and still providing the best care and service in Adelaide !!


Happy Clients 2020


  • Hands down best groomers in Adelaide. Mitsy has never looked so good or been so happy. Thank you Karen and Staff.


  • Customers for life – Basil flies in the door and won’t come back out when he is done! He gets crazy excited at the very mention of Oscar’s. These guys are beyond!!!


  • We have been loyal customers of Karens for so many years now we dare not say. Throughout 2020 and the horrible year we all lived through Oscar’s was unwavering in their attentive care and dedication to their clients. Karen has created an incredible business with amazing staff and the passion for her clients and her staff shone throughout one of the most dreadful years we have seen. Congratulations Karen and to your amazing team. You are all a credit to our lovely city. Morgan and Stanley x


  • We rescued Peaches in August and tried a local groomer but had to return and collect Peaches shortly after her bath. They were unable to finish her and we were treated quite rudely which was distressing on top of already being distraught for what Peaches went through. We chatted to so many people at the dog parks and every one of them suggested Oscar’s on Unley and so we called, explained what had happened and with huge reservations we took Peaches to Oscar’s. What an amazing decision. Peaches was fully groomed and wagging her tail and relaxed within 2 hours and not a word of complaint from the staff. In fact they seemed stunned when we reminded them that Peaches had been sent home unfinished from another salon. Without hesitation or reservation we recommend Oscar’s on Unley – astoundingly good, kind and caring and their service is sweet and professional all mixed together.


  • We take Matilda to Oscar’s weekly. Enough said!


  • Kindest, most professional groomers anywhere. So clean, smells amazing and there is always laughter and chatter. These guys love what they do for sure and you can tell by the quality of their work and the happiness of their clients.




  • Maggie had her first groom with Oscars on Unley today and it was nothing short of incredible.  Friendliest staff and lovely sense of safety and care.  Maggie looked gorgeous when she came home and was not keen to leave.  Thank you for being so wonderful.


  • Our 3 year old Labradoodle Jasper has been rejected by a few groomers for his challenging ways.  We warned Karen but she assured us it would all be ok.  And it was.  Jasper looked incredible and the calmest we have ever seen him.  Karen was honest and let us know he struggled but trust is something that builds over time and is earnt by the groomer.  Finally a groomer who actually understands dogs and genuinely cares about them.  We will absolutely be back.


  • Took our puppy Brian to Karen and her team for his first ever groom.  He was so nervous and unsure, almost as much as we were.  But he came back happy and fluffy and looking so handsome.  Oscars is the groomers for us, we highly recommend them.


  • We have been taking Bella to Karen and her team for years now and wouldn't go anywhere else.  They really seem to enjoy their work and they treat the dogs with so much kindness.  Bella gets so excited when we pull into the carpark something I really appreciate.  Thanks for being so wonderful.


  • The standard of grooming and care at Oscars on Unley is second to none.  I have been a client since Karen opened the doors and sadly (but happily) we are now taking our new puppy Stanley (our Ben passed early last year) and each year it just gets better and better.  Karens passion and drive to provide a safe and happy space for dogs is incredible and the standard of grooming is out of this world.  We are constantly asked who we use and we very proudly tell them Oscars on Unley.


  • Karen and her team are the best dog groomers in Adelaide.  We have used a few others over the years but none compare.  We are now regulars, every 6 weeks prebooked so we never miss out and have to use substandard groomers ever again.  


  • Great location.  Easy access and best groom Max has ever had.  Highly recommend Oscars for your dogs Fur Stylist (love this, very clever!).


  • Oscars on Unley never fails to impress with their friendly service, kind comfort to the dogs, laughter and professionalism.  I really like taking our cavoodle to Karen and the team as we are always greeted so warmly and by name and Archie even though shaking away comes back happy and excited by his new do.


  • Discovered these lovely reviews lurking on the internet THANK YOU!


  • Jessica Duddy— 5 starOscar's on Unley is absolutely amazing!!! I will never go anywhere else - Gus, my 11 month old Cocker, has been here for his very first haircut at about 6 months old and again at 11 months and he comes home so happy, smelly amazing and super soft � The same gentleman who served me both times is lovely, offers great suggestions and is very accommodating (as i dont opt for the traditional Cocker cut). Highly recommended �


  • Danielle Giuliani-Palmieri— 5 starWe had a fantastic experience here today. Wonderful, friendly and helpful staff with terrific advice. They treated our little Harry with such love and care. A massive change in attitude from the last groomer we tried on Magill Rd. We look forward to visiting Oscar's on Unley again :)


  • KT Boycette— 5 starBest groomers in Adelaide.. you pay for what you get.... Kind , gentle , patient and friendly groomers. Happy pup . Thankyou




  • Hello Karen thank you for taking the time to discuss my Poppy over the phone and then taking such amazing care of her during her first ever visit to the groomers.  She looks so amazing and so happy. Eireen  2018


  • Thank you for being so kind and so considerate to my darling old girl Rosie.  I was so apprehensive given our past experiences and I am sorry for her condition but in recent years we have had so many dreadful outcomes with her grooming we just couldn't bring ourselves to groom her regularly.  After seeing Cynthias dear old boy Barney we decided to bring Rosie to you.  We are so glad we did.  Your young lady Nina did an amazing job and Rosie is like a puppy!  Thank you all so very much.  We will be recommending you to everyone. Sarah Jayne 2018


  • These guys are the real deal!!! Matty 2018


  • Karen thank you for giving us back exactly what we requested.  Piper looks amazing and precisely how we hoped.  See you in 6 weeks! Rochelle 2018


  • Learnt so much today from our visit with Rupert.  So glad we went to Oscars.  The knowledge and patience in helping us understand Ruperts coat was invaluable.  To say we were clueless is an understatement.  Great team, great environment and the best bit Rupert didn't want to leave. Cheree    2018


  • Our Samoyed Sia had her first ever visit to a groomer today.  She was extremely matted and filled with deadcoat.  Karen explained all about puppy coat drop and ongoing seasonal drops.  We were worried she would have to be shaved off as it was so bad but at 4.00pm we picked up a brand new dog, fully brushed and sparkling white.  Speechless at the result.  Clients for life and Sia is the happiest we have seen her in months.  Thank you Karen and your incredible team. Roger February 2018


  • Just had our Border Terrier handstrip by Oscars.  Nina has done a sensational job, surpassed all previous strips we have had.  Everything about this business is impressive. Kiera February 2018


  • WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW. That's all. LoL!  Stacey January 2018




  • We have been going to Oscars for the past 4 years with Stevie and are now taking Sophie our new little girl.  We are always extremely happy and really enjoy our visits.  Ash - who is adorable beyond words - is such an amazing ambassador for Karen and her gorgeous business!   You are crazy if you don't take your baby/ies to Oscars. Russell January 2018


  • These guys came highly recommended by just about everyone you meet at the dog parks all over Adelaide and now I can see why.  After years of poor service, ok hair cuts and trembling dog at drop off and pick up we finally found a groomer who is all they claim to be.  Can't recommend Karen and her team highly enough.


  • Sian September 2017 - Hi guys,  I just wanted to thank you all for your consistently fantastic service.  I've come home to find Newton proudly strutting around the house, obviously very pleased with himself.  He looks perfect.  And this isn't a once off.  Every time we pick him up, he looks (and smells) wonderful.  So thank you!  Sian


  • Imogen April 2017 - Yesterday our dog Rosie was groomed at your salon - I just wanted to say how delighted I was with her cut, she has never looked more beautiful.  Well done to whoever was responsible for her.  Thank you very much!


  • Mary-Ann    April 2017 - AAAAA ***** I have been going to Oscars for over 10 years and cannot speak highly enough of them.  Nothing is too much trouble.  They care above and beyond.  I have three little high maintenance dogs and I trust them completely to look after them and they always come back happy and smelling beautiful.


  • Rachel March 2017 - Oscar's was recommended to me by a few different people so we tried them.  Casper is terrified of grooming and has been for most of his 6 years now.  He was nervous and shaking when we arrived.  I was so apprehensive leaving him after all the bad experiences we have had but Karen assured me he was in good hands. The place felt good and the staff were kind and understanding of my anxiety.  Karen showed me around the salon and it impressed me how calm the dogs were and how at ease the staff were having a customer walking around.  Felt what they were selling was what they were actually offering. 2 hours later Casper was ready to go home.  He didn't want to leave!!!!  He was jumping up on Karen wanting to be picked up - while I was standing right there!!!  I can't express my gratitude enough and I can't recommend these groomers highly enough to anyone looking for a genuine grooming place who talk the talk and walk the walk.   


  • Matt January 2017 - Don't know where to start.  What a team, what a place.  Ratchet has never looked or smelt so good.  Friendliest staff anywhere and the job they did on Ratchet (well over due Husky) was nothing less than a miracle.  Brilliant place!


  • Donna January 2017 - I just wanted to say thank you for the beautiful job you did on Alfie today.  He is looking so handsome (he was very scruffy!) and we were very nervous and unsure about having him groomed! Thank you for all the information both via email and on the phone.  See you soon.


  • Sarah September 2016 - AMAZING 5 STARS


  •  Margie H  September 2016 - Big thank you for a beautiful, silky Honey as usual.  See you in a month.  Margie x



Rachel McGowan August 2016

My boy has been banned by 2 groomers.  Heard about Oscar's helping troubled dogs.  Well I can confirm these guys are like no other.  Hercules walks in and jumps up on the staff for a cuddle and leaves 2 hours later looking amazing and without all the days of trauma he usually has.  Thank you Oscar's you are life savers.



Gwen Stevens August 2016

These guys are amazing Gidget has never looked or smelt so amazing.  Loving and caring team.  Highly recommend.



Maureen Roach June 2016

WOW!  You walk in and it smells divine & is so stylish and clean.  The receptionist is the sweetest thing and really knows her dogs.  I asked to look around as I'd never been before and without hesitation (or warning to those behind the door) it was swung open and I walked in.  Everyone was relaxed, smiling and going about their work.  The dogs all looked at ease and tails were wagging!  This place is all it is said to be and so much more.  So impressive. 10 Stars!



Dave Seaton April 2016

Best Big Dog groomers in South Australia hands downI! 



Stephanie Mulgrove April 2016

I used to be a client of Oscars but stopped going in early 2013 as it had changed substantially when the owner Karen moved overseas.  Having found a reliable mobile groomer I had not realised until recently that Karen had returned.  I can't say clearly enough just how impressive the return to its former glory Karen has managed with her business.  I know a lot of people had moved on during her absence and have now returned and I can see why.  Well done Karen you and your current team are nothing short of sensational and Maggie is absolutely overjoyed to be back in your care as am I! 




I have just completed a grooming course with Oscars and could not speak more highly of them.  Having had my own dog groomed there I knew it was at a whole new level and only wanted to learn from the best!  So much was covered in a small window that I never thought was possible.  The encouragement and attention to giving me the detail for my best interest has helped me walk away with more than I thought or expected. The staff are truly incredible such a great group of people that really have the dogs best interest at heart!
Karen, your passion for your dogs, your staff, your mums and dads is such an inspiration.  Thank  you all for giving me the best start possible.



Anne Green  5*  

Fergus hasn't looked so good for ages!  Great to find a salon that knows how to groom a Border Terrier correctly - very happy with the friendly and efficient service.




Richard Price  5*

Karen and her team are standouts - after years of substandard service and grooming I am extremely happy to have found the most professional, likeable and trustworthy groomers in Adelaide. Nothing compares to these guys!



Sarah Chow  5*

Always look forward to picking Koda up whenever he goes to Oscar's! Koda always looks and smells amazing! Karen and her team are absolutely brilliant at what they do and we will always keep going back for sure.



Gina White  5*

Thanks everyone for looking after Pixie today.  She looks the best she ever has after her spa treatment!



Jennifer Ehrlich  5*

I just picked up my miniature schnauzer, I also wish they styled human hair!  They really listen to what style your dog wants, staff is very friendly and accommodating.  They truly know how to make a dog happy and relaxed.  Bertie smells like a summer garden and looks even more beautiful. I would highly recommend!



Nerylee Watson  5*     

Harry was 6 months old when we got him and had never been groomed. At his first visit to Oscars, he was terrified of the clippers and became quite distressed. The staff immediately stopped and the owner (Karen) rang me. Being a Moodle he will need lifelong grooming and so Karen suggested the plan to have 2 weekly visits where the staff will gradually introduce him to the clippers at his pace. I have just picked Harry up from his third visit and he is beautifully clipped and, more importantly, happy and prancing around. I am so impressed with Karen and her staff at Oscars for their patience, understanding and genuine care of Harry. He has gone from being terrified to tolerating the clippers in just 3 visits which is amazing. I would highly recommend Oscars particularly for any dogs needing that extra ‘tender loving care’.



Sue Rees  5*

Oscars is an amazing grooming salon. Daisy loves to go and have her pampering. Karen and the team at oscars are so good at what they do and Daisy always looks a million dollars. I will always be a big fan.and will keep up Daisy's visits for a long time to come. Well done Oscars.



Regan McKenzie  5*

We just moved from Sydney and I found this gorgeous little gem for my 2 boys (labradoodles). Beautifully presented, friendly staff who obviously love dogs. I asked to look around and without a hesitation I was taken through to the grooming area. I was introduced to everyone & got to see all the happy dogs. Some were even sleeping! My boys looked absolutely stunning. Groomers in Sydney should take a leaf from Oscars! Highly recommend.



Sharon Templeton   5*

LOVE THIS PLACE!!! Karen and the staff are very professional and you can really see they are passionate about what they do. Well done guys!



Erik Nesbitt   5*

I always want to book in at the last minute to have my two dogs groomed. It is never too hard and they always squeeze me in and do an amazing job. Thank you to all the wonderful and friendly staff at OSCARS. I really appreciate how you care for my beautiful pets.  Love Annie, Jimi and Hazel



Pete Mitchell    5*

We recently took our two Standard Poodles into Oscars on Unley after being to other dog grooming salons in Adelaide we had almost given up trying to find a 1st class stylist, BUT we found one finally, thank you Oscars on Unley. Our two Standard Poodles are the treasure of our lives and we treat them like our children. I can truly say that after the styling that was performed on our dogs we will telling everyone about the service we received and the outstanding customer service the girls provided. Well done and thank you so much!!!



Renee Widger   5*

I am a regular customer of Oscar's and have been meaning to post this review for a while.  I have two Spoodles and I bring them to Oscar's every few months for a groom. I am always happy with the boys haircuts and the service is fantastic. The boys enjoy going to Oscar's, the staff are great - they give the dogs lots of 'TLC' and I always feel relaxed knowing they are in good hands. I would definitely recommend them.



Kate  5*

Hi ladies…Kate here (cooper the sheltie) was in this morning. I am soooooooooooooooo happy with your work and mostly that he is so happy and relaxed too. I really appreciate it. I love him to bits and now I have two young children he is third in line L So what you did helped me out so much.  Have great week, until next time. 


Tamara  5*

Hello Karen   Thank you so much for grooming our gorgeous Sassi today. I was appalled at her last groom, so fortunately I brought her to you to fix her up. I really appreciate the service I have received in the past and especially today! You were extremely patient in working out a new appointment time for me.   I’m sure her experience would have been far more pleasant with you in comparison. She looks gorgeous again and smells divine….Thank you!!!! 



Michelle  5*

Hi Girls,  Just wanted to thank you for taking care of 13 year old Golden Retriever, Koopa, on Friday. As it was his first major clip I was a little concerned about the outcome, but we are very happy with his new look!  We took him to the beach today and he even had comments that he looked like a pup!!??? I’m sure he feels better too. Your service & care was fantastic & Koopa will definitely be seeing you again. Thank you so much 


Di and Willow xoxo       5*****

To all the Girls at Oscars   Just to say we do not know what we would do without you all, Willow comes home looking like a million dollars, and the compliments we get from everyone that sees her, I tell everyone they are Oscars on Unley girls.  Poodles have been the choice of dog in my family for over a hundredyears, with a few different groomers, but I have to say Kari would without a doubt be the best clipper I have ever come across.  Once again Thank You, Thank You, ThankYou. 



I just want to thank you so much on the wonderful job you did on Sasha and Sunny, I realise their coats were in really bad condition and feel so horrible for letting them get to that state, so lucky to have someone like you get them looking so wonderful, thanks again you don't understand how grateful I am :)) 







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